RєвєƖ Ɯιтнσυт A Ƈαυѕє

What I’m Wearing


..S..: Screw IT Kofi – Black (Boxed)

..S..: Desert Jacket – Flannel (Boxed)

..S..: Cargo Trousers – Black (Boxed)

**RE** Raven Watch & Bracelet FatPack

**RE** ReVoX Ewan Necklace

[STUD INC.] – Smick Glasses (ADD ME TO UNPACK)

Rebel With No Cause

Hat:..S..: Screw IT Kofi – Black NEW TMD

Glasses:[STUD INC.] – Smick Glasses NEW STUD INC

Jacket:..S..: Desert Jacket – Flannel NEW TMD

Trousers:..S..: Cargo Trousers – Black NEW TMD

Necklace:**RE** ReVoX Ewan Necklace NEW MOM

Watch&Bracelet:**RE** Raven Watch & Bracelet FatPack NEW MOM


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