What I’m Wearing


Beusy: Clem Midnight Gacha (Exclusive) PRIZE

-Pixicat- Soiree.Choker (Exclusive)

-Pixicat- Soiree.Blazer – Black (SlinkH)

-Pixicat- Soiree.Set – Black (SlinkH)

Phedora ~ klementin heels ( 28 colors )

Medusa Flap Bag| Sabotage

Hair:Beusy: Clem Midnight Gacha (Exclusive) NEW Epiphany

Choker:-Pixicat- Soiree.Choker (Exclusive)  NEW Epiphany

Blazer:-Pixicat- Soiree.Blazer – Black (SlinkH) NEW Epiphany

Set:-Pixicat- Soiree.Set – Black (SlinkH) NEW Epiphany 

Heels:Phedora ~ klementin heels NEW Phedora 

Purse:Medusa Flap Bag| Sabotage NEW Tres Chic 

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