Hє Sαι∂ Hє Ɠανє Mє Hιѕ Hєαят …..

What I’m Wearing


SEUL – Robyn Puffer – Bloody

:::ChicChica::: My beating heart

Blueberry – Kimi Skirts – Fat Pack

Phedora ~ Spectra heels ~ Hud 28 C.

Imitation – Rebeka poses

Hair:*ARGRACE* ENJU – Blacks Argrace

Ghoul Eye:SOMNUS . Ghoul Eyes . SOMNUS

Lip Blood:Dirty Secrets ~ Bento Drool HUD v2.0 Dirty Secrets

Jacket:SEUL – Robyn Puffer – Bloody NEW Kustom9

Skirt:Blueberry – Kimi Skirts – Fat Pack NEW Blueberry

Shoes:Phedora ~ Spectra heels ~ Hud 28 C.  NEW Phedora

Heart::::ChicChica::: My beating heart NEW Cosmopolitan

Necklace:S&P Lisha S&P

Blood Tattoo:Izzie’s – Face & Body Blood & Wounds Izzies

Pose: Imitation – Rebeka pose #3M NEW Anybody

Just Be Smart Enough To Know When “Enough Is Enough”.

You Can’t Complain About Somebody Crossing The Line

When You Failed To Set The Boundaries.

You Can’t Complain About Somebody Wasting Your Time

When You Didn’t Require Them To Earn IT.

Sometimes, You Just Have To Let Go.

Not Everything Is Meant To Be A “Forever” Kind Of Thing.

You Have To Be Honest With Yourself, Even If It Hurts.

Can’t Give Em’ Too Many Chances To Make The Same “Mistakes”

Learn From It. Grow From It. Be Done With IT.

                     – ROBHILLSR

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