What I’m Wearing


Tableau Vivant // Demon huntress – FatPack

\//.VoluptasVirtualis – Rawena – FATPACK

\//.VoluptasVirtualis – Rawena Boots

\//.VoluptasVirtualis – GIFT – Rawena Bindi

+ Archangelum Alis + {egosumaii}

**RE** Dragon Rings, Bracelets & Claws

Hair:Tableau Vivant // Demon huntress – FatPack NEW Crystal Heart

Outfit:\//.VoluptasVirtualis – Rawena – FATPACK NEW Crystal Heart

Boots:\//.VoluptasVirtualis – Rawena Boots NEW Crystal Heart

Bindi:\//.VoluptasVirtualis – GIFT – Rawena Bindi NEW Crystal Heart

Wings:+ Archangelum Alis + {egosumaii} NEW Crystal Heart

Bracelet & Claws:**RE** Dragon Rings, Bracelets & Claws NEW Fameshed

Collar:[Atomic] Moon Princess Collar Atomic

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