SDBL#54 Queen Of The Damned

What I’m Wearing


Tableau Vivant // Ari braid – FatPack

V/. VoluptasVirtualis –  [Barbara]

:::ChicChica::: Holy blood cocktail

Paparazzi – BACKDROP – Salem Street

[ Conviction ] The Claws – Possesion

Crown:.aisling. Shynila – Crown RARE .Aisling.

Hair:Tableau Vivant // Ari braid – FatPack NEW Hairfair 2018

Lingerie:V/. VoluptasVirtualis –  [Barbara] NEW Kinky

Jacket:\//. [Sheryl] -HG- Jacket .Aisling.

Skirt:\//. [Sheryl] -HG- Skirt .Aisling.

Boots:\//. [Sheryl] -HG- Boots .Aisling.

Nails:[ Conviction ] The Claws – Possesion NEW Salem

Backdrop:Paparazzi – BACKDROP – Salem Street NEW Salem

Cocktail::::ChicChica::: Holy blood cocktail  NEW Salem

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